I lost whole attributes points

Hi while I’m playing Conan Exiles and when reached to level 58 the whole attribute points are suddenly disappeared and i lost the whole progress my online id (derar550777) on ps4 platform please I need to retrieve my points

Hey there,

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You have agreed with the Conan Exiles EULA to not get refunds:

Please provide details on region, whether singleplayer/server, whether official/dedicated, if dedicated whether it’s using mods. Location and your actions may also be useful.
If you’re an admin of a dedicated server, check the Event Log. If you’re a player on one, try asking them to do so.

Be sure that you are posting in the right subforum in the future. I hope a moderator will move your post asap :wink:
(It should be moved to the Conan Exiles bug subforums.)

Edit: thanks!

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