I need an ADMIN help. BROKEN SERVER 3176

PLEASE HUGO help me. I come to you with a question, a concern can be said a nuisance. I have been playing this game for 2 years which I love and have invested many hours of my life. on the Official Server 3176. I have been playing for a year and a half. a clan called The Legion. He has dedicated himself to closing the obelisks, covering the sulfur. cover as many buildable surfaces as possible. I know this is PVP and it is worth everything but it is no longer a game and something so fun when it becomes something so sick as to ruin the gaming experience of anyone who wants to play it. people go in and out of the server to see what they are doing with the obelisks and everything. Can somebody help me? or remove the doubt at least? Is this not an attitude that the entire clan should be able to ban? They say that the administrators of CONAN do not interfere in these cases, but I trust that they do. they are breaking their own game. thank you very much.


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