I Need Help With Finding The Following Things on The Isle of Siptah

  1. The Huntress Bow

  2. Abysmal Fangs - To make arrows

  3. The Obsidian Weapons Recipe - So I can make obsidian arrows and the daggers

  4. Hollowbone Arrows

I do a primitive gameplay style so that means I don’t use anything that looks like or uses metal. only bone, wood and stone items shown here.

I’m reasonably certain I recently obtained some Abysmal Fangs from the boss in either Demense of the Spider Demons or Asylum of the Fiends.

Are there any places not in the vaults? I’m still a low level so vaults are out.

Not that I recall. Part of the problem though is Siptah is a lot heavier on the RNG for things, so it may just be a matter of dumb luck to get that stuff on your list.

Huntress bow can be acquired from the Siptah version of the demon spider from memory.

Abysmal fangs can be harvested from the little slug adds that spawn when fighting the blood moon beast though that’s definitely not low level stuff. There are a number of those slugs mixed in with the locusts south of the tower though I have no idea if they also have the fangs.

The named bat demon above the judge may give hollowbone arrows but I can’t confirm it. Also not a low level thing either.

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