How do you use the Abysmal fangs to make armor, arrows etc?

Ok, I killed the thing at the end of the dungeon and I have 100 abysmal fangs, I looked it up and it says I can make tougher armor.

But How?

I’ve looked and I don’t find any recipes to make Serpent Armor, or anything that uses them?

What’s the deal?


You need to learn the recipes. Take a look into the pit of the boss after he died.

Hmm, the pit filled with acid and when I jumped in I almost died, there was a npc standing there but I couldn’t interact with him. I finally gave up and left.

Can you repeat it?

It seems that since you have no idea what’s going on, they need to give you time to look around.

No problem:

Step 1: kill the boss.
Step 2: the acid in the pit where the boss swam should go down the drain.
Step 3: now you can enter the small area the boss was standing.
Step 4: locate the red book and read it.
Step 5: Armor, Arrows, Swords.
Step 6: Profit.

Alternative: Take a look at this talented young man:


Yes the acid disepar some min when boss is dead.

Thanks for the info, I like to go through these the first time without doing any research so I had no clue what to look for.

I’ll do it again today and get the book, the funny thing is that I’m pretty sure the thing drained and then filled up again.

Maybe it goes in cycles, anyway I know what to look for now.

It does refill after a time. Better to grab the book when it becomes available.


I went back and got the book, did it before choping up the bad guy.

Also found the White Bat, Got the book and put the staff in the alter.

I got a raised alter, and what looked like a portal, but I don’t see that, that changed anything.

I finally took out the staff and left, hope I did what I was supposed to do.

Not sure what’s next.


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The awakened staff is a peaceable and you can pick it back up. When placed, you can interact with it and it talks. Gives you background and points the way along the story path, best I can tell. I restarted again after 1.08 so didn’t get very far with it after awakening it.

I never seen the portal, but I did get the staff to talk to me.

The portal is without any function now, maybe it may guide you to another area in the future?

Dang, what did you use to harvest with?
I got like 12 fangs, or what ever I needed to make just the chest armor.

I got this staff and tried to equip it. What’s it for? What’s the white bat?

Read the info on it and it tells what to do.

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D’oh :relaxed: alright lol thanks :+1:

I got 5 staffs, I placed them all at the same time, and then when I didn’t see any change in the staff I split the stack down to 1 and placed it by itself.

I got 100, fangs when I did in the Abysmal creature, plus 5 eyes.

I’m using the pickaxe to do the harvesting.

My charater was level 49 at the time.
Completing these tasks raised it to 50 and a half.

I didn’t hear the staff talk, even though I tried interacting with it after placing it, and I kind of thought there would be some indication that the staff had changed in some way.

Don’t have any Idea what comes next, I’ll look it up and try to do the next part today.


Hi again,

Well I think that I know what I did wrong, I placed the staff but not the bats blood.

I don’t know how you were suposed to know that, I also got a lot of bat hide, and I thought the eyes were just more crafting material like the blood from the first task.

So now it looks like I’ll have to go back and do that again.

At this rate I’m going to end up doing everything twice, maybe I should start looking up ghe answers first.

Did everyone else know they had to put in both the blood and the staff?


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Yes its abit cryptic, but its writen about blood in the text. An no its not WOW quests whit folow the yellow dott style in this game…

I just went there with the staff after reading this post. Level 37 now and got the bats head but can’t craft with it until much later :smile:
The staff speaks, ive put it outside my house door (PvE server) because it’s making no sense, speaking of a map room and telling me to “look at those archivists” wut lol
The portal looked intriguing but I almost died trying to run inside it … fell a great height …


I walked through slowly and ended up on the ledge on the other side. LOL

I’m just waiting for the game to load, I’m about to go back and put the staff in the alter along with the blood.

Then I’ll try and figure out what’s next.


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