Reptillian armour change abysmal fangs to just fangs

The armour resembles reptile hide and closely familiar to crocodiles than anything else, to hunt a boss twice just to farm 1 set of armour, its strange, now the weapons I don’t mind, but armour is a different story, I’m aware there was a similar topic to this last year or something and doesn’t surprise me funcom doesn’t check feedback as often as they should and change these things that should have been changed.

TL:DR Funcom should read these discussions and take in to account feedback so multiple threads ain’t created and to change reptillian armour recipe abysmal fangs to just fangs

Well wait… how do you know they didn’t take it into account and just disagree?

Anyway, I happen to agree on that particular armor!!! Should be fangs or horns or something like that IMO too.

I guess if I had a magic wand I would reduce the drop rate of fangs to about 10% of what they are and make it fangs that the armor requires.

I don’t but if enough people agree then maybe they will change it.

Probably just fangs instead of horns.

I mean the drop rate for fangs isn’t bad, you don’t want to make basic armour tedious to farm, dropping it down to 10% is a bit much

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I dunno… A typical run across the map killing as I go gets me about 300 fangs, 15 to 30 horns, 10 or so tusks, and zero abysmal fangs. 10% would make that 30 - which I guess is a little low, yeah. 20% then?

The Legendary form of the armor needs 15 abysmal fangs and the normal armor needs 21 abysmal fangs. (and no, I don’t have that backwards). :slight_smile: I would certainly craft A LOT MORE of it if it were using just regular fangs! As it is I think I’ve crafted a full set of it only twice in 18 months - and it’s not like it’s something special or anything - the stats and perks are fairly typical.

Looks at the stats on the armour in question
Looks at other armours
Looks at the material requirements

Good point.
That is some very specific and annoying to acquire materials for what is, to be honest, not a particularly inspiring set of gear.
When first Introduced it was better by comparison, but by this point, it should likely be more along Hyena hide lines, materials easily accessible at numerous locations on the overworld.

Reptile Hide
Hyena Hide
This one is still saddened that we didn’t later find Wolf and Bear hide armours.
Rhino, Elephant, and Cat are already specifically useful for the paddings, but armours based on them would have been nice as well, but not as obviously a thing that is specific that has very little purpose being specific like Wolf and Bear, but still.


I agree that the material requirements are too strict for what little usefulness the armor has. Also, the amount of abyssal stuff required doesn’t seem consistent across the different armor pieces.

One could remove the requirements - or increase its power, which I’d prefer. The new armor bonus system gives enough leeway to give sets unique advantages. For example, one could give it a bonus to strength and agility weapons, or vitalty and concussion damage, which would be useful at the stage of the game you’re supposed to get that armor at.

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