Armor and Weapons - Remove built in bonuses and let us craft those in

I have a lot of favorite armor styles that I really enjoy, but sadly they have the wrong ability bonus and temp resistances. Some armors look like they would be great for hot weather, but are much better in cold climates. I point this out to show that Foncom has already decided that armors do not have to look the part they are built for. So let us choose what stats to build into our armor. We are stuck having to wear something unattractive but functional, or keeping lots of ability respec potions on hand, which is a pain to deal with.

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Agree, heat resist from pict armor is little bit weird,

but iam aware when they change dlc they need add possibility to refund, not sure About that, but ať least ať eu There are many laws to protect customer, so who knows

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Have a look at the Fashionist mod. It allows you to set the appearance of your character, free from any armour you wear. Also allows you to hide armour pieces at all.

I may have to check it out. Does it only allow appearances of armors you can build, based on feats you learned?

Hiding really ugly helmets will be nice though.

You must have the actual armour pieces you want to dress up as.
Put those pieces onto a mannequin (comes with the mod) and then have its appearance copied to you (interaction menu of the mannequin).

So you still can give in to your yellow lotus addiction as your heart desires. Just put the fancy stuff into a chest.

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Hello, I agree, it would also be great to have a armor work station, to make and customize your own armor sets.

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