Armor fix//balancing: right now really need fixing ASAP

Good day everyone,
Some armor are currently useless due to stats bonuses,
You should be able to craft any style you want, and after add if you want cold or heat protection after that add bonuses of you choice spending mat:

ex: you love vanir armor:
1- you craft vanir chest ( because everyone knows that being almost naked in cold if very useful)
2- you choose to spend black ice for cold protection or brimstone for heat protection (just an example)
3- you add more mat for epic ex: steel , star metal same principle as it is now
4-chose you bonuses str, agi same component as war paint or more
Congrats you got a unique look with an unique build and you have a better game

and you will not be like yeah str build or encumbrance build
****Legion armor is useless now too expensive for bonuses are you guys playing your game in funcom ???