Incorrect Picktish Armor Recipes

Take a close look at the photo on the right side of a set of Picktish Armor.
Notice if you will it has a significant amount of fur.
Now take a closer look at the recipe.
You will notice NO fur is used in the making of this armor.
This is also true for the Epic set of Picktish Armor (No fur or even layered fur is used in the making of this armor).

All I ask is that you correct this error to reflect a more correct recipe which appears to include:
For standard armor: Medium Padding, Fur, Leather and Bones. (And obviously a wolf’s head).
Instead of iron bars, employ the use of Thick Leather instead.
So the recipe shows as: Medium Padding, Fur, Thick Leather, Bones, Wolf’s head.

For Epic armor: Perfected Medium Padding, Layerd Fur, hardened Leather, Bones and a Dire wolf head.
Hardened leather would be used instead of iron bars.
So this recipe would show as: Perfected Medium Padding, Layered Fur, Hardened Leather, Bones, Dire Wolf head.

If you wish to go a step further for those sorcerer types: Use bones which have been treated with powder of corruption in addition to adding the head of a Corrupted Wolf.
(for the sake of argument, the appearance of the current basic armor set shows the color of a corrupted wolf)

Nope! Next please :stuck_out_tongue:
On a serious note that’s not a bug… that’s your own expectations of realism in a videogame where a lot of other things equally don’t make sense… like a metal plate bikini providing warmth in sub-zero temperatures… DLC armor has standard materials to be crafted with… they’re pretty much all the same… and on a personal note, that one happens to be one of my favorites so I kindly ask you not to screw with it for no reason :stuck_out_tongue: ty


Next up why does the armor with bones have no bones, why can argossean marina which clearly has bronze only made with hide and twine.

its just a standardized balancing part of the game, all dlc armorsets have standard costs and varying looks.


There are many recipes with ingredients that don’t make sense. I wish they were more logical and required more of the rarely-used ingredients, like glass and gold dust, but it is much easier to make everything the same.


It’s not just that, it would also need complete rebalancing… since these DLC armors aren’t just available at level 60… especially the ones that use these materials are present very early in the game… I don’t expect a level 10 character to start collecting wolf heads when they’re one of the “tougher” enemies from the “tougher” zone (the north) just so they can craft a basic level 10 medium armor while all the other ones just need iron and leather :stuck_out_tongue: Especially after being like this for years as it’s not something new

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#1. Personally, I know it’s not a bug. But instructions being what they are practically demanded this stupid little “bug” tag.
It would have been just as well to have just gone into “suggestions”.

IMHO, The lack of fur in this particular armor set demands a remake with the right materials at least for nothing less than what it appears to be made of.
It’s not that difficult to get fur or thick leather if you know what to hunt for and you’re equipped with at least a stone skinning knife.
Want a wolf head without it being a suicide mission? It can be done, but it won’t be easy as gathering plant fiber or butchering a gazelle. But at a lower level, such as 10 (as you’re implying), don’t expect it to be easy.
Just on a side note, nobody has to have a complete set of armor regardless of what make it is. This includes an animal head which if necessary can wait until you’re ready to solo a wolf (not a wolf pack).

Does it all need a rebalance? Sure it does.
But do it with the right materials instead of sweeping it across the board. (Which is something we’ve witnessed time and time again since the beginning.)

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I, for one, would support a rebalance of recipes to be more logical. I’d probably even be willing to do it for Funcom if they were too busy to do it themselves and asked me to. For free - the feeling of satisfaction at seeing items have logical ingredients would be worth it.

As far as balance, I run a market on my server, I have a very good basis for what items are worth compared to other items, and I have experience making games with crafting systems that need balanced costs. I would do it right.

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If you want an additional source of outrage…
Look at the materials to make Bear Shaman armour…
Or the components of the Pict weapons…

That said, all DLC harnesses and weapons will follow the same material needs and basic statistics of Light Medium and Heavey Armour and the Epic versions of these.
Likewise DLC weapons will use the same recipes as Iron or Starmetal versions in the base game.

Is it immersion breaking?
Yes, a bit.
Then again, we don’t mine and alloy Copper
And we bake Bread in a clucking smelting furnace, not in an oven.
Then there’s the matter of safely drinking stale sewer water and salt water, but getting food poisoning from fresh rare beef and oysters.

Correcting the DLC recipes would be a massive undertaking.
Perhaps, if it soothes the mind, just imagine that it’s regular armour that has been illusioned to look like Pict gear. Especially as, player character possibly aside, there are no Picts in the game.

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Normal since they r just reskins of the star metal weapons… They need to create new ids and items in order to adjust prices to what the weapons should be…

And how u will distinguish the epic version from the normal one? Normal should consume regural bear pelt , whilst the epic will use the 3 skull boss’s pelts?

Even though i would like such a change, the amount of work that needs to be done is way too much for fc…

Highly doubt that will be a future qol improvement…

Honestly, this one just wants Bear and Wolf hide armour added to the main game right beside Hyena armour.
Give the Wolf and Bear pelts a reason to exist.

If this one recalls, every other specific harvest hide has a usage other than them.
Even Chitin.

That said, on a pragmatic level, this one never expects it to change and doesn’t really care much
Would it be nice if things pretended to make sense in game/immersively?
On a pragmatic level will they?
Unlikely and therefore only a source of anxiety to expect it.

Edit: Oh, but as far as how to seperate epic from regular if such a change happened…
The base padding.
Perfected, Rather than regular.
Fur becomes Layered Fur.
Bone becomes Ivory.
That sort of change

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Best example, at least from my side. I find wolfs to be “challenging” in larger packs(3-4). Wolfs are like the heynas of 2016.

If Conan Exiles dev’s will ever find time for such a overhaul, i’ll pull my chic hat out of the mole closet. I am all behind you for a total revamp of armors. Wait a minute…didn’t we just got a armor revamp with 3.0 (Stat revamp).

We might at some point see some of these things u mentioned in ur OP.

Good luck :wink:

You complain about THAT ? :smiley:

The new Gurnakhi armor is crafted as medium armor, has medium armor stats, but is actually HEAVY.

Idk Funcom, are you guys not double checking your Data Tables??

Good thing we have transmog now, so I can’t be arsed with this anymore.


And I bet you didn’t even need freaking boar tusks to craft it… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not “Correcting” since there’s nothing wrong with them in this regard, if they want to correct DLC items they can fix those visual glitches with the yamatai chests and others :smiley:

The armor ingredients are not based on what an armor looks like… it’s based on what stats an armor provides, sure they tried to make some exception for helmets requiring horns, but that’s about as far as they went with these standard armors, which is fine… Next you’ll be asking for us to build the buildings stone by stone, because I highly doubt the age of Conan had these giant prefabricated identical wall pieces that popped up out of nowhere and snapped in place…
Furthermore it’s a paid DLC item, it IS sold as a cosmetic reskin of other existing armors, it’s not a unique base-game armor.

On a different note, I don’t know what you have against this armor set :stuck_out_tongue: I saw you made another thread about it

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To me, it sounds like you’re advocating for pay-to-lose. Why would I spend real money on an armor set that’s indentical in protection to a significantly easier, and already free included with the game set?

If I were a new player interested in the DLCs, I’d very suddenly change my mind when I find out it’s harder to get the stuff I paid extra for, with no real benefit.

And sure, you could argue that the dlc armors could be buffed and nerfed as material cost dictates; but then that opens up the entire debate of which sets are p2w because they’re too strong, and which are p2l because they’re not strong enough.

The only real answer I see as fair is to keep them the way they are; same cost, same stats. Realism be damned in a videogame where you can build a castle out of your pockets


I really hate this kind of argument. It is 100% nonsense. Not 99%, 100% nonsense.

Building castles out of your pockets isn’t lore-friendly, therefore why bother following the lore at all?


If everything was 100% realistic, everything in the game would take 100x longer to do. Fights would result in spending literal weeks afterwards resting up from because meat and funny green leaves don’t suddenly close up a sword wound. Crafting even a simple stone tool would take hours of knapping and assembling. A sandstone hut of the smallest size would be days in the making, weeks or months for larger. Most players would die in the first day and give up.

The pursuit of total realism is a fool’s errand; as sacrifices obviously have to be made to balance time consumption and difficulty

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Not the point I was making.

The argument being 100% nonsense does not equate to games must therefore be 100% realistic.

It really, really isn’t. Realism in games is always subordinate to fun. Making things more realistic is fine, as long as it doesn’t make them less fun.

There are tons of reasons why making these recipes more realistic would make the whole game less fun. Some of those reasons have been patiently explained in this thread.

For the small minority whose suspension of disbelief is not strong enough and who care more about realism than having reasonable-enough balance in the game, this would be an excellent mod to make.

Did you even pay attention to the statement I have issue with? I never said that games need realism over fun. My problem is the overused (and 100% nonsense) argument that because game does X, which is unrealistic, then why should anyone expect Y to be realistic?

Yes, I did. It’s an argument that is commonly used to point out that the game already sacrifices realism for the sake of fun.

I guess that’s the narrowest possible interpretation. I’ll learn from @Jimbo’s mistake. The next time I point out a specific example of how realism is sacrificed for fun, I’ll make sure I explain that it’s just an example of how realism is already being sacrificed for fun.