Flawless Stygian Armor(epic)


So I destroyed all my T1/T2 armorers ages ago. Didnt have a need for them. Now I am lv60 and I am trying to make Epic Flawless Stygian Armor. The recipe requires normal Stygian Armor. Am I understanding this properly?

I need a T1/T2 Stygian armorer to allow my t4 stygian armorer to make the Epic Flawless Stygian Armor? That makes ZERO sense! Or am I missing something?

You should be able to unlock the perk to make it.
All t1 & t2 armorers allow is reduced materials and time. T3 give exceptional and t4 give flawless and sometimes extra recipes. You shouldn’t need a thrall to make the standard version.
If that fails, put your t4 on your basic bench and make the basic (not flawless) Stygian. Then move him/her back to the epic bench.

Really should be able to make epic from standard, exceptional or flawless but the recipe calls for standard.

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T4 in a normal bench still makes flawless. Have no choice. But yea didn’t think about learning the recipe. Thanks i forgot I used a lotus potion…lol.

Will try and learn it and see if I can make the normal stuff. Thanks.

EDIT: lol forgot to relearn the recipe

No probs.
Should still be able to make standard with t4, just have to scroll down the list a bit or use the search.

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lol…was just the recipe. Once I learned it, all was well. Sorry about that, momentary lapse of sanity.

That’s cool. I did the same thing with the acheronian pick for weeks.

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