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Abysmal Remnant is pretty easy to take on. Just pop a shield to block his attacks, use a dagger when he launches towards you, repeat till he dies.
But what if it was reworked?
His attack where he sprays an AoE of toxin towards you, have a residual effect on the spot where he sprays, and you have to move. This could last maybe ten seconds(?)
Give him a spin attack where he flops down to the ground, spins around the area, knocking you off your guard.
Give him a smash attack where he flops his body onto the ground over you, knocking off your guard.
Give him another spray attack where he sprays his toxin a longer time, more potent this time. This will be his “low on health attack. “This will prompt a seven(?) second recovery period where the Remnant is static, breathing heavily having exerted himself and almost dead. In this space of time, you can pelt him with arrows or whatever other projectiles.
He is immune to poison and gas effects. (Never used any of this stuff on him before so I don’t know if he already is)
A Remnant head as a trophy for our triumph.
Abysmal Flesh to grant double ichor instead of a 1x1.
I’m pretty proud of this idea. What’d you think?

Edit: Each attack that lands will give you a Poisoned effect that lasts for four(?) seconds.

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Its kinda a newbie boss, Poison that early would be kinda mean. XD

The acid it spits is funny enough. Thou it be nice if it could fire it up and down, so if you hide down stairs, it wouldnt be totally safe. XD


He is sure a wiggly worm so! Let’s increase his wiggle power! And yes I am serious. I want to see him wiggle more. No I am not joking. More wiggle and have mini pools of acid land on the ground limiting movement to allow his body slam to land or whatever.


Abysmal begins to wiggle

player who stare to long start dancing sexy

Abysmal wiggles forward





While it’s an early boss, I think it would be OK for it’s spittle to produce the noxious gas effect on where it lands. It would certainly be less brutal than newbies getting 1-shot by a spitball to the face like the last time I led some new players thru. :man_facepalming:

So I’d say, reduce the direct spitball damage, and make with the noxious gas instead.


If you’re a Set worshipper (or have one in your clan), poison is rendered irrelevant very early on.


Crom 24/7 Still waiting for journal fix/bypass for us. XD

Its early boss thou, and poison potions and counters don’t come easy for most. Acid thou is what AR uses and has around arena. So it works. =3

Then go find the guy who teaches that religion. Or die, because you are a blasphemer in the eyes of the Great Serpent. :wink: I’m just saying, introducing poison at low levels shouldn’t be considered a deal-breaker or overly difficult.

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lets not forget, this game has little hand holding. Most of us are aware of what does what, or items like heal bandages will heal thru bleed/poison if you dont have a cure.

Its also a monster that spits acid, living acid pool… poison is little left field for the guy. XD

Considering it lures stuff in with its voice… I think abit of staring with all them eyes, or spewing acid over wall so you can’t play bow and arrow sissy would improve it small doses.

Maybe it can stare, little icon or flavor text pops up. You lose abit of character control…maybe waltz into acid if you dont look away. XD

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Not big on the idea of losing character control, but maybe its siren song or stare could cause an effect similar to drunkenness’ double-vision.


I always thought he was fine for the level he is.

I have gassed that beast. I have killed him often just with arrows. Etc.

But his challenge rating is appropriate.

I must say that of all of the dungeons I love this one because of the voice calling


Of all my runs solo and group, His melee damage is pretty high. If your not rocking shield… pretty funny.

I tend see alot of people hide down stairs. Be nice to take out cheese/rest spot. If you wanna run outta room, then lolz. They could let boss heal then.

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