Abysmal Remnant -- cutting down oak with damp herring

So, finally killed this boss solo on private server at ~35th lvl or so. :frowning:
Noticed that, when it lunges only the first strike does any damage, so using a two hander is a must, unless you have all day.
Basic arrows didn’t seem to do anything, maybe my skill being zero was part of that. Lost all my stuff from the first run, where i nearly killed it, because I couldn’t get past the skellies naked with only a stone sword.

Anyone else have any luck meleeing the thing, or should I stock up on arrows and get a better bow?

Killed it first try wearing slaver heavy Armor and wielding exceptional 2h steel sword. Also had a bow and 400 arrows, a pile of metal, leather and fur because I’d heard that you must repair during the fight.
Killed it easily using my sword and did not have to repair. I used a couple of aloe potions though. It didn’t take long because I just ran directly to the boss without hitting anything else.

There’s an easy method solo, at least if you want to deal melee attacks.

  1. Bring a shield, I brought an Iron Targe, even though I intended to fight with a Two Handed Sword.
  2. When you encounter the boss, have the shield equipped and just simply sit there and block all the attacks.
  3. When the boss disappears into the acid pool, start running to the side. At this time I equipped my 2H Sword.
  4. Keep running until you hear the crash of the boss lunging behind you.
  5. When you hear that crashing sound, turn right around and wail on the boss.
  6. When the boss goes back to the pool, it does its normal ranged attacks again. Resume at Step 2. Repeat as necessary.

I did this at a much higher level than was probably intended, I think I was around Lv40-something. However, the tactics remain the same.

Because it did not take me too long to kill it, the wear on my 2H sword and shield wasn’t noticeable. If you’re doing this in earlier levels, it may be a good idea to bring a spare weapon and shield because it may take you longer solo. I haven’t done this solo at the lower, intended levels.

FlyBy has a good tactic but I’ll simplify it further, still using the same weapons. The one hander doesn’t matter though to be honest.

When you get up to the stairs, go straight up the middle. Use your shield and go as close as you can and just stay in block til he dips in the pool. When he dips in the pool run back about halfway down the stairs and equip the two handed sword. His lunge won’t reach that far. Then just step forward, if necessary, and go ham on him.

Rinse, repeat. At some point he’ll do an actual attack on you doing this instead of just the acid spray, so just run down the stairs and around the corner to heal and go back to it.

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

I killed him on a “may as well since I’m here” kind of moment. Was way to high lvl. I was lol 57 with a hardened steel spear and med vanir fur. Just ran circles around him till he flopped then let loose. Took about 4 or 5 flops and he was dead. I admit I had to us Ambrosia a couple times. Kept tripping on my shoe laces and getting spit on.


I killed him twice, (I didn’t get the book the first time) without taking one point of damage either time.

I just walked up the steps on the left side until I could shoot him with my bow, and fired at him until he died, he never even noticed that I was shooting at him.

The bat creature is just as easy, run away there’s a point he can’t pass, kill him with your bow.


Yeah, that was my method too, until my shield broke. :frowning: I hadn’t read up on the dungeon or anything when I went in, I had no bow or shield or any supplies to make them. Found branches and enough stuff to make bow and arrows sufficient to get me to the boss. Then made a wooden shield when I looked up the boss and saw it blocks damage. But the shield didn’t last, and I got robbed at the last possible moment. Iron two hander at ~35th lvl was doing about 2-3% damage one time per lunge of the boss, so it was taking forever. No matter how many times I hit it, the HP bar only moved on the first hit. When I properly planned and brought a shield and wood with me, it went just fine. Still trying to figure out the pattern of how to trigger a lunge, it seemed inconsistent.

I just stood there, blocking the hits. Eventually the boss dived into the acid pool. That’s the queue to start running to the side because it’s going to come out and lunge.

I’ve been through there 3 times, first time I didn’t get the book.

Third time I went with a friend, but he got killed a soon as we got to the end, ignoring what I was trying to tell him.

Each time I killed the boss, with my bow without taking any damage at all.

Same for the White Bat


I’ve gone in there as low as level 25 … used iron arrows and turned it into a pin cushion.
I could hit it at range just before the steps up to the pool platform and it didn’t react.
Took a lot of arrows, but it still went down.

Yeah some of the bosses can be damage sponges. I came back with proper steel weaponry/armor and was able to down him much easier. I guess the idea is if you’re a lower level/have worse gear you should be tackling him with a party.

I did it with a shield/axe though, I found the constant acid spam from him to be too dangerous to not bring a shield. Even with higher vitality and whatnot, sometimes he’ll just sit there and puke on you for hours. The trick is to get REAL close to the acid pit and then back off to trigger his dive so all you gotta do is mash the right mouse button.

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