I need information!

hello everyone, I need more information on the peak of obtaining watcher armor.

I did not have any participate at the drop twitch in order to take this ! :sob: :sob:

I wanted to know if i could get them back in any way today ??

Thanks in advance for you answer. Regards.

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ha thin stockings.

Thanks for your information…

I watched the stream from my daughters self phone, her account, soooo, no drops for me too :rofl::rofl::rofl:. No worries m8, in the server you play, ask from someone to fix you a couple sets and repair them with legendary repairs :wink:. After all it is just another set, no big deal :man_shrugging:

I watched the twitch stream and FINALLY received the drops a few weeks ago. I want to be selfish and hope funcom DOESN’T release them because I followed the rules and waited ages for them, lol

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@powellful Does it gives you anything special wearing this set? Something that other gear parts cannot provide?

I only have the head and chest. They give +2 grit each.

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