Watcher Items Bug?

I had sat through the Twitch Drops some time ago to get all the Watcher Items and gear .
And I tend to use them when I get in RP servers . Love the stuff
But for some odd reason I no longer have access to them.

I tried to un-Link and re-link my twitch account to steam
And I still cant Craft them I went to single player and I also cant spawn them in .

If any one can give me help with this I would be grateful.


Everyone in same boat at the moment. Funcom stated they were doing some backend maintenance so I’m thinking they maybe fluffed something regarding twitch drops and royal armour cause that’s gone too.


Fellow exile there is already a thread running about this issue.
Opening multiple for that is against the rules here. Soon enough an admin will transfer you here
I agree with you and your issue, soon it will be fixed, they know :+1:t6:


I have a same situation. How to fix that?

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