Watcher's stuff is gone

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

All of the ‘Watcher’s’ recipes, the ones we got from the the twitch drops, are not in the crafting stations. They present in the feats, but when I try to find them in the Armory and Artisan benches, nothing is shown. Both search and manual inspection show no results.
And yes, I tried to relog, restart the game.

Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Step 1 Enter Artisan on Armorer’s bench
  2. Step 2 Try to find any decorative place-ables or armor pieces of the ‘Watcher’s’ type
  3. Step 3 Nothing is displayed
  4. Etc.

Same, I noticed mine missing last week.

Odd, I just crafted the Watchers bookshelf last night. All of the watchers stuff was still available to me, at least the ones in the artisans bench.


I also have this problem. I’m on a RP server, and Yesterday I crafted a bunch of Watcher stuff and today I wanted to re-decorate the house but cannot pick up any of the watcher stuff I have made, nor do i possess the feats. Went into SP and cannot even admin spawn it.

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There was a data breach with Twitch recently.

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I double checked today and all my Watcher gear on the armorer as well as Watcher placeables at the artisan table were all there and craftable. I know this thread was posted in the PC section and I do play on PC but are all of you that are experiencing this also playing on PC, or is it a mix of both PC and console users?

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Didn’t twitch have a data breach and you might need to reconnect CE to it to get the earned rewards to show?


What @arthurh3535 said worked!

Due to the breach I had reset my PS. (it was also since then that I lost this) I reconnected Steam and Re-linked CE through the main menu, followed by a restart of the game and now I have my Twitch stuff back :smile:

So thank you, I hadn’t even thought about that. I figured it was connected to Funcom feats rather than connection with Twitch!


Why would that be a thing at all…? These feats should be tied to our accounts without help of any twitch.


Because we earned them by watching a certain number of hours of Conan Exiles gameplay on Twitch? And they may do something like that again in the future.

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It’s not what I mean. I don’t like the idea that if twitch shuts down tomorrow we’ll lose the decors and sets for good. They should be tied to the accounts without twitch connection after we’ve earned them

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I would bet at that time that Funcom would just make it a free DLC to give to everyone.

I also noticed today that the twitch drops are no longer available.