Watchers set disappeared

Hello there. Today I found out I can no longer craft the Watchers set from the twitch event. I can see them in the list as admin spawn, but even that generated an error trying to spawn them this way.
I had no problem crafting the set several days ago.
I really would like this fixed, please.

Hey Kimani, are the recipes from the set still in your feats?

Nope they are not and that absolutely puzzles me.

Is there any way the post here might help?

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Here’s the funny thing. before I posted here I actually checked the twitch link and this is what I got.


Now after reading this I checked again and guess what. I could suddenly link my account. So it still puzzles me either way. Now I will check and see if I have the feats back.

Lo and behold. It worked by linking something I did not unlink to begin with. The glorious wonders of software.

Thx for the help.

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Grymm was the one who figured it out so props to him.
Glad you have the recipes back. :partying_face:


Apologies Mistress, I almost forgot to send through my tithe of thralls, gold, silver and rare artifacts :smiley:

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