I Need Quarantine for the TB Outbreak

It appears an epidemic of tuberculosis has swept across the exile lands. Thralls everywhere are coughing and exhausted from the disease, yawning uncontrollably.

Seriously, CUT IT OUT!!!


The new sounds and idle animations are a bit invasive at the moment. There are lungs lying around everywhere from my thralls hacking them up.

Maybe it’s just new and we’ll get used to it… Maybe not.


The coughing is excessive!!!

My wife hates when im jumping or swinging a weapon. She says it sounds like my female character is always moaning and grunting :rofl: Cant wait for her to hear these new sounds.

Its going to go from sounding like a porrn to sounding like a habitual smoker


A habitual smoker that does adult films.


Hey there @speedice, the team is aware of this issue as it’s unintentional behavior, it should be addressed in an upcoming hotfix.

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I don’t mind when I do it, except the coughing. My thralls on the walls in the north probably do cough a bit. It’s cold and rainy up there.


Some of the emotes have lost their sounds as well. Cheer, Blow Kiss, Seduce, Flirt, and Squirm to name a few. Maybe more I haven’t found yet. PS4 Offline Solo player here using the female “savage” voice option. I just got the new version patch 1.49 and the Debaucheries of Derketo DLC pack so the sound loss could have been caused by either, or both.

I did notice a couple of the emotes had lost sound.

I do want to be clear. My only objection is the incessant coughing. And if anyone gets the bright idea to add thralls and gas, that’s a step too far.


Well the thralls don’t get fed so there is no need for them to rip a wicked fart imo.


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