All Thralls Coughing & Moaning After Update - It's Annoying AF

Logged in after update to hear all my thralls coughing as if they’re thirsty and moaning as if they’re on a wheel. And when you have a lot of thralls, it’s insanely annoying. The thrall pot is full of food and they all have health but they are at zero for water/thirst. Not sure what’s going on but I won’t be able to stand playing if I have to constantly hear these noises. Ugh.


Are your fighters still fighters and not dancers with small HP?

We found a woman that is standing in our base with 100 HP - we cannot move her, she doesn’t attack, she doesn’t dance, and we have no idea where she came from. She just magically appeared after the update.

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This happend in the past with Vatis I think and some other mini-bosses, which should not be tame-able in the first place.
After patches these thralls got converted to 100hp dancers, who cannot be moved…

The big question is, if FC can rollback the gear such thralls had… Otherwise they fl*ked it up so big, they will lose another huge amount of players.

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Seconded. I came here just to post about the thralls all grunting and yawning like they are hungry?
So weird! :stuck_out_tongue:

im the first one who will leave the game if they not got back armors and wepons ,i work hard to got them


Move your base to the volcano. Give the slaves a reason to moan and cough.

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Moaning i can sort of put up with but why is my character doing some damn stupid jig every time i move this is the most nauseating thing a to watch i mean way to spoil a DLC release.

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It sounds like one big ■■■ orgy in my base for God’s sake. It’s one thing that my character has new sounds (the stupid yawning) but all the thralls too? WTF?!?!? It’s like nails on a chalkboard and I’m about ready to put this game in the trash bin.


I thought everyone wanted more immersion and ambiance? Why the complaints about 100 thralls chattering and making noises. Doesn’t that make the game more alive? Asking for a friend.


I see they made serpent arrows more expensive now - it now requires 5 demon blood. Why not fix bugs instead of messing with the things that do work?


Because if they break stuff its fair for all pvp players that demand the changes

Do they still cost zeal? If so, then the cost makes them worthless. If they remove the zeal need, then i can live with the demon blood tbh.

They were referring to the serpentmen arrows not the snake arrows from set

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In the audio settings if you turn the voice volume all the way down the coughing goes away. Also when fighting all the enemies are eerily silent. I can live with it like that as long as the stupid sounds go away. Hopefully its just a temporary fix until a patch is made but maybe it keeps you in the game.

I dont know who decided this was a good idea. It really sounded like my base was touched by the plague. If people wanted ambient sound maybe some lines of actual conversation would have been a bigger hit.


Our thrall that did that was a relic hunter 3 rip the items it had unless they fix it somehow

It will be fixed. Funcom already replied in some other threads. The big question is, what happens with killed relic hunters…

Me too

Are you talking about Serpent-man arrows? If so, calling this more “expensive” is an understatement :smile:

Because there was 1 thread, were ONE guy complained about it…

If this was really the reason, then I dont get Funcoms priority at all… Fixing things where 1 guy complains and ignoring bugs which gets reported daily… Wow…

But then again, I finally have a reason to collect demon blood… I just throw it away…