Why is everybody making so much noise?

There was just an update and everybody is not signing and coughing. Is there a reason for this and can I turn it off?

It was done to make the game feel more lively and immersive.

Immersive perhaps but with all these coughs I’d say a lot more sickly than lively.

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Darn PVE community and their wishes being granted. How did this slip through on the PVP meetings? We PVPers will have to pay more attention damn it.


It will be removed soon. Alex told us that they’re gonna remove this “feature” in one of the next hotfixes. It was/is really annoying on PvP.

It was annoying. Of course so is 1000 thralls and pets lol.

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In the meantime, to avoid going insane you can turn Voice volume down in the Audio settings. Make sure hit the ‘Show Subtitles’ checkbox if you still need NPC Dialogue though!

Heh, I don’t think this is what anyone meant when they asked for the Settlement system, but for the record I don’t have much of an issue. Then again, I don’t use hundreds of thralls.

Being a PVP ■■■■■ i was:)

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