I think a mod changed my max corruption

Hello everyone. Sorry if this has already been addressed somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. I decided to try downloading a mod through the Steam “Subscribe” method called Ancient Sorcery and it’s companion mod Ancient Armory. It was an interesting and well done mod, but I decided that I wanted to go back to playing without it. I noticed that some of the spells in the mod were able to bring my corruption above the cap of 50%. Absolutely fine and understandable. Now that I have unsubscribed from both mods, even using the spells from the base game increase my corruption up to a new max of 75% of my total health and stamina. I am not sure what might have caused this, but the only thing that has changed was downloading the mod. I have tried unsubscribing from all mods, and I have done an uninstall and reinstall of the game. The problem persists. If anyone has any insight on how I might fix this, I would greatly appreciate any help with getting my game back to normal.

Have you tried to get ahold of the mod creator?

I left a message on the mod page, but I will try to see if I can message the creator directly. Thanks for the advice.

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Yeah mod creators are the best source to get action since it’s their stuff. FC deals with the official stuff but they won’t touch mod issues too much since it’s not theirs.

Usually pulling bracelet works. Dying tends to reset various values.

The issue from what you’ve done already appears to be on the character itself. If dying doesn’t work, then you may need to recreate character unless someone here knows of a value in the database that can be changed via SQL.

Unfortunately, pulling the bracelet didn’t work. Some further oddness I have noticed: Using the transport stones auto brings my character to the 75% plus whatever extra would be given above the usual for tainted. Reanimating corpses, however, actually seems to “heal” me of corruption when I am above 50%, I am assuming because it is coded to set the character at 50%–the usual maximum. I am extremely confused what has happened to this character, but I really hope I don’t have to recreate it. I have put quite a bit of time into building him up.

Transportory Stones can put you beyond 50% corruption. They can put you down to one health/stamina.

Sorry, what I meant to say was that the stone jumps me way higher than I used to see it do. After one use, the stone now jumps me from the base 50% corrupted I have for all my attributes all the way up to something like 90% corruption. I only used to see these levels after using the stone two or three times. My guess is it is getting me up to that 75% new baseline my character is at and then adding tainted on top of that to give me the temporary debuff.

I believe you. Just trying rule out some other things. The amount the stone does is also based on distance.

Just to rule out everything else, have you tried reseting attributes and curing the corruption away?

Yeah, I’ve tried resetting all my attributes, cleansing all my corruption, then using sorcery again. Unfortunately the same thing still persists. Because I’m using Steam I tried unsubscribing from all my mods, deleting the game’s entire mod folder in case there were any hidden files, and then redownloading just the texture mod I was using for my base well before this issue started. Still happens. I’m afraid the mod I used changed something in a file to edit the base values of my character, and I am not sure how to go about fixing that. Not a modder myself.

Thanks for helping me talk through this. I was afraid this would be dead in the water.

I use the same mods and I didn’t have any issues for over 100-200 hours. Maybe your load order was wrong or something when you still had them?

I’ve got one last ditch thing that might or might not help. I’m not entirely an expert when it comes to dealing with the database itself, I’ve done fixes before this way, but admittedly I’m kinda fumbling around.

I’m assuming the mod you mentioned changed one of the default values on your character and I believe it was this value:

MaxCorruptionIncrease = 24 // added to the base 1000.0 max corruption

I assume when this value is changed (and looking at a sample database I have) then this will appear in the database table character_stats under the column stat_id and stat_value. I didn’t see every character have the stat_id of 24 which I assume means their max corruption is unchanged. And the ones that had it, did.

So I assume what you would need to do is find your character in the character table see what their id is then cross reference that in the character_stats table and see if there is a value of 24 in the column stat_id.

If 24 is present, changing the value to 0 or removing the row containing it should in theory fix your issue. In theory.

I would like for someone who knows the mechanics of corruption on the devkit and database level to confirm or correct this before trying. In either case, backup your map file before running SQL on it.

What I assumed happened is the modder of whatever mod did this didn’t follow the shrunken wee wee (I think the actual word is censored) advice. This is where one of the FC developers talks about how they made a debuff when you get cold and it caused male parts to shrink. They forgot to assign the removal of the stat change when the debuff terminated. So it got smaller and smaller every time the character got cold without ever going back to normal.

Moral of the story is… they got a huge giggle out of it, and used the event as a way to describe how to add and remove buffs and debuffs in the guide for modding.

Something similar may have happened here. You got a debuff/buff and it didn’t remove the effect when it wore off, or you removed the mod before whatever logic happened to remove the debuff. You can never tell what will happen when you add then remove mods, which is why its recommended to make a back up of your map before adding mods. Admittedly this doesn’t help much if you’re been playing with a mod for a long time.

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You are the hero of heroes. I was able to bring the character file up in SQL, find exactly what you said, and bring the value from 500 down to 0. Exactly fixed my problem. And now I have a beautiful story for if I ever try my hand at modding to make sure I have removal triggers for all my buffs/debuffs :joy: You are an absolute :star: :star: :star: LEGEND :star: :star: :star: Thank you so much for such in-depth advice. Not a lot of people would take the time that you have to give such technical instruction, but you are amazing for doing so for me. Saved me probably close to a couple hundred hours of build and play time in this character.

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I’m going to be totally honest, it was a shot in the dark as I was making assumptions and guesses. I’m glad to see it actually came to a good outcome. Good work on getting those SQL commands going, my SQL is incredibly rusty.

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I’m not even going to lie and say that a GUI didn’t do most of the heavy lifting :sweat_smile: My SQL is mega rusty, too, so the help from it was great haha.

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