Corruption at 50% from abilities, then I get more and it won't recover

Playing with the new Sorcery system, I went and corrupted strength, vitality and authority, 20, 19 and 19 points worth. I have a level 300 mod, so I have plenty of attribute points to spend. I’ve read that when you reach the 50% corruption limit from attributes, corruption spells should be free (as in not adding more corruption), but that is not the case for me.

Also, the corruption never recovers back to 50%. I cast a light spirit spell and it adds more permanent corruption. It only clears up when I log out. Dancers have no effect.

Is this a bug? Am I doing it wrong, or simply a mod conflict?

Thanks in advance!

Potentially a mod conflict. The only way the base game can make you go over 50% corruption is through the transport stones and that is temporary.

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Ok ty! I’ll do a test with no mods single player and start adding mods back in to find which one. Ty for the response!

I use Multigun’s “max level 140” mod, and I’m not having any problems with permanent corruption exceeding 50 % when casting spells. So if it turns out to be that level mod, you’re not totally out of options.

Kerzorard’s Paragon Leveling for me. Haven’t had time to sort this out yet, but ty for that info.

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