I wanna see your base

Here is mine:

What does your look like?

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Do you play on PvE?

oh my, i built so many over time, on SP and on servers. All depends where and how.

This can range from small camps, to hudge castle, or pure fantasy dreams-builds with mods.

early acces

20180722013013_1 bunch of mods

and lot more :laughing:

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My current basse at the mounds of the dead.


indeed, Braga picked the nices spot for a base.

Great base by the way, i love the mounds ! :heart_eyes:

Yes nice area even better now the white walker/zombe things drop loot and you can pickaxe them for silk and witchfire powder :sunglasses:

Official PvP :slight_smile:

the witchfire can be handy, silk i get lot more in my fav caves, have anyway run south for other stuff, so on the way. But i agree, still better than just putrid meat like a time. :wink:

Love how bases looks in the night time.

Like this disco show of a base :stuck_out_tongue:


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