How a PVP base looks like (private server)

I wanted to share how our current PvP base looks like (Empire CORE PvP).

This was farmed after 3 days on 5x harvest. Location is the ice cave in the north.



Base lower defense (inside cave)

Drawbridge (not so viable anymore though)

Outside lower part

PvP pyramid + Vault towards ice bridge teleport


Impressive. Glad I stayed out of pvp.

Yes a lot of farm and preparations are required

@SirDaveWolf What pants? Also don’t think warpaints are working

idk, I did not craft these pants. I usually use Dragonhide pants.

Warpaints are for style :wink:

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Nice. Now the PvE scrubs can see how PvP bases look like. And how much effort needs to be put into it.

I would like to see more details of how the stacking was done in the entranceway and on top. Might enlighten some nobos here.

Lightning storm and all this work was a waste of time :rofl::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blush::grin::joy:

Banned on this private server.

If you use it, you get banned.

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