Solo Base Designs PVE/PVP - post your fav design

A place to share any good base designs you have for solo players either pve or pvp

Here’s mine for pve, there are lot of things i would change in length of throne room being longer and would clean up roof look a little and would allow for a hidden vault in the roof too. Plus roof would look nicer with a overhang

btw pve solo vid, best for copying design

Pics Below, coming, new user cant post pics yet sadly, will edit when i can plz copy vid link above

Can view online too, Official Server #1951 PVE
Base @ New Asagarth
The Purge
I have Cimmerian Berserkers (from mounds of the dead) with their standard Star Metal Sword, plus a steel truncheon. With that setup the first purge was “A clan of Cimmerian beast-tamers” and managed to capture the 4 named thralls and at the end kill the White Dragon. Most have traps but then it’s impossible to trap them the best is above and embrace the purge :slight_smile:

My solo base is always a small village. This is a regular design for PVP server because i know that off-raid is inevitable.
Always an open tavern that i try to fill with alcool & various drinks, watterskin, food in order to reduce animosity of travelers/raiders.

Multiple building for various workbenches, this way all loot will not be taken in the same place, and therefore raiders will use more mat’s for a solo player loot, making it not worth the raid. Some 1 block tower with a chest inside, in order to spread more what i’ve gain and put gear if i’m here to defend and die.
Suround it with fences, so purges spawn outside and there you are^^ (the pyramid is the 4 room wheel of pain)

A temple of Set, for benediction.