I would like to play again but



Ok, what’s happening with Funcom and Spanish? I mean, this game when was first released was in Spanish, now my old installation CDs doesn’t work with the newest versions of Windows and I was going to buy it again because it was my favourite adventure game in all times, but I find in Steam that Spanish is not supported, just like SWL. But why if the game was in Spanish before???

And TLJ is a story driven game that one enjoys reading calmly, so I’m afraid my friends and I will not buy the game because of this.

I hope you think better in your market.


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I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. As this game was released over various platforms, the different supported languages have changed. This is an unfortunate circumstance for sure.


but are you thinking about adding the Spanish subtitles in near future? or it will stay like this?


Currently, there is no planned development on The Longest Journey.


I can make a fix for the Spanish language. I have the older versions of the game where I can pull the languages and create a patch. Should be easy


That would be wonderful @Onion

I don’t understand what is the problem, really.


Here is a link to a thread about getting the old CD version of the game to run on Windows 10.

Also, you can use residualVM: