If you were an emote


If your personality could be summed up in one in-game emote, what would it be?

Edit: Doesn’t have to be already in-game, just potentially

Keep in mind you can’t control another’s character and there may be some levels of depravity even Funcom won’t go.






Doesn’t have to be already in-game.

I’d like to see /15characters as an animated emote.



( /AskingForAFriend )



Depends on my mood.






I even have script for it


/itfits — a cardboard box would manifest at your feet which you then sit in.


/train from WoW. Best emote ever. Makes you go, “Chugga-chugga chugga-chugga Choo-choo!” with hand gestures. It resonates with me on a deep emotional level.

They added a toy in-game that made those in the vicinity do it too. Raid leaders appreciated it.


or maybe /vika because that’s not 15 characters yet and YouTube: Vika Konvisar Go Go Dance is.
But I want to be /Dita_Von_Teese when I grow up.







You look so good i wanna rip that wig off and keep it for myself and put it in my snatchel
Its my new fave word.




Now I wish /turtleflail was a real emote.


Me too. I’d also like to;






A crossbreed of :crazy_face:, :triumph: and :expressionless:


I feel you. I’d be /reset :smiley:



In the Pirates of the Burning Sea MMO that emote made a fart sound.