Funny emote idea for BP

There are situations in conan multiplayer where an emote like diesofcringe from twitch would be insanely fun and well made for some situations. The character would fall on forehead just like in the emote. Imagine someone dying from fall damage and you just fall on your forehead in his deathscreen or any other situations which you guys have experienced for sure. I wouldnt mind it being in the Battlepass (its worthy of 10€).

I would like a face only emote like hide the pain Harold.

I would like thralls to greet you. They look at you, so they detect your presence. They could at least say hi! Or go efe yourself, slaver! But their utter silence is just too punishing. :wink:
More automatic interaction between thralls , the player and the environment would be so awesome. The game would feel much more alive. I don’t know how taxing this would be, though…

A thrall-only emote of face-palming when your character get killed by your own stupidity would be funny too.

Or maybe one where your thrall picks up your wallet and runs for the hills.

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