Ignore or Mute User?

First time using this platform. Is there anything like a mute or ignore list? I’ve poked at all the site-specific FAQ things I could find and haven’t seen it. Apologies if it’s glaringly obvious and I’m missing it!

There’s an option to mute notifications from specific users in your Notifications settings, but it doesn’t look like whole-cloth ignoring users is something that this particular software supports. Maybe it can be something added in via a mod or something if enough people want it?

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Found the mute there, thanks! You’re right, it looks like it’s only notification muting. No idea if a post-ignore is something most people would want. I admit it’s how I get through most social media with my blood pressure intact, though. I’ll be optimistic for now and assume we won’t need it here!

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No ignoring Nord :(:(:frowning:


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Ignoring people is fascism. :kappa: