Illusion symbol location

OK so the illusion symbol location covers your durability bar when it gets low and makes it difficult to see at a glance how low it is.

Obviously i wait till the last possible minute to use legendary repair kits.

Maybe move it to the top left corner?

Screenshot 2022-12-29 152523


Seems like a simple logical solution to me


Top Right, top right, there are some armors that have already symbols on the top left afaik. Like the Red Sonja armor? Just saying it could lead to even more visual hullabaloo. But generally I think it could be an easy fix. Or middle left since I dunno if the top right corner’s been used by other stuff aswell.

Yeah I think Middle Left might be the best go for the UI Designers. Probs gotta wait though until after the holiday season is completely over, UI Design departments are usually not too big and I reckon at FC they’re all on vacation in their department :kkona:

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I dont care one way or the other if they move it; if it makes people happy seems low hanging fruit, but looking at the armor in the inventory to see it… cant you just click it and see how much is left?

Or just get rid of the symbol and just change the background colour. Also Red Sonja armor ?

Likely won’t see it. Red Sonja is a character from the 16th Century AD. Conan Exiles takes place in 12,000-10,000 BC.

Ok so it’s a mod then? gotcha

But yeah I forgot it was probably Warrior Mutator so yeah it’s a mod. I’m sure it would lead to the same issue one way or another

well the thing is it’s not to the game to cater to modders , but modders than needs to cater to the new updates that the game put out ( as I can easily imagine having 10 different mods that each has their icon in each corner/side of armors , and that shouldn’t prevent funcom from relocating their icon to a corner that doesn’t prevent reading the durability nor vanilla icons ( like weapon upgrades and so on ) , and of course the best option would be to choose one that isn’t used in any mods , but that’s a dream people that have deadlines to put content and fixes out cannot pursue :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: )

Thinking about it, I believe the durability bar should be moved to just below the icon, matching how weapons appear on the hotbar. There’s enough space for it, and allows you to see everything about illusions, dlc, and quality of the item a bit more clearly. As well as having consistency.

It’s a symbol that needs to be moved from A to B. UI Design is difficult but such a mundane task is only big in work load if you have to do it for every icon. It’s not witchcraft mate. X Y coordinates are not comparable to new gameplay mechanics or balancing issues. :notlikethis:

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