I'm ona shoodhat cat


I about come out of my skin when I’m looking in a chest for some ingredient and that cat/s cut loose.

Or I forget I have one following me, because well, you never see it. Get done dealing with a population issue at a village and MEOW! I swear my character jumps.

But seriously, just what is the point of the cat?
I could tell you how I think cats aught to be handled but I’ll do the easy thing, see emberlight.

None the less, cat collars with bell/s.
Cat toys; best way to find a cat is to drop a toy, ball of yarn ect
Cat dishes; cat will come up to and feed from.
Cat stand; set in front of a window and poof sleeping cat.
Mice; just drop a loaf of bead and mice to keep the cat entertained.

I could do this all day. Wish I had the head for mods.

Point is we have cats now give us something to do with them.

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Oh my friend does this mean they are like the small turtles :turtle: on Siptah can only find them if tripping on them? We ended up fencing ours in and have not had any since. I hope that this is not the case. I guess the cats just wander around and can’t be placed I Would purchase some if they would behave but then our real life cats are not fond of behaving unless bribed. @DeaconElie

We now have 4 :cat2: and a puppy about ready to pull our bracelets but we Love :heart: them.

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No Norwegian forest cat? I am disappoint


They act far too much like actual cats.

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Just fed ours. The little Monsters they are loving and have Glitches also it’s what makes them special.

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