Cat suggetions (why are they so annoying)

My partner and I found some cats and put them in our house but honestly they’re kind of annoying?? They sit in doorways and have a huge collision box which is wild and their meow sounds like they’re in pain. Can we have at least an option to turn off collision and/or their not happy meows? Since they’re been placed I can’t just put them back in a box and they’re cute it’s just annoying to try and move them out of doorways because they’re always “too close to another thrall”.


Have you fed them? Are you sure? Are you really sure?

They act like my RL cats. The collision box is from them running under everyone’s feet. I also love how they pay no attention to your commands when they’re supposedly following you.

The magi cat from the bp act like a thrall.
My magi cat is lvl 10 and her mouw is nice i like it.


Sounds like they got cats just right to me… annoying, in the way, unresponsive and needy. Cat.


The first cat i ever saw in game was today. I joined the server of @Wonka and he brought a cat in house. When i see cats the first thing comes in mind is your Conan clip with the camel :rofl::rofl::rofl:. So thank god Wonka brought one and i saw it, all this time i didn’t spend a second find one… Ohh i love cats :lying_face:


I will look for the spotted one and that’s it, only three. I swear :joy:. I want to be a good neighbor.

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My cat constantly walks straight for the doorway every time I go out the door. Otherwise, it’s standing by the cook at the stove in the kitchen. I’ve gotten to where I have to quickly close the door or use the back door.


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