Pet Cat Sounds are ANNOYING

I know there is a lot of annoyance with the meow of the cats.
I’m one of those annoyed by that distressful sound.
Admit it, it IS a distressed sound and NOBODY who loves their cats enjoys hearing their cats meow in distress. Even cats with maternal instincts will come running when they hear it. They know something is WRONG.

But that’s not my main beef right now.
What annoys me even more than the distressed sound of a cats meow and I finally discovered the source of this sound happens to be ALSO the cats.,
is that DAMNED FLAPPING NOISE I hear when they shake their head.


So I’m politely asking whoever the SADDIST is who did this,


While they’re at making them quieter, maybe also make it so they don’t walk towards doorways. :expressionless:


The sound of the cat in game is a real cat. The reason it sounds mad is because someone brought their own cat into the recording booth and just recorded the sounds it made.

That’s just how cats sound when they are somewhere they’re not used to being.

Any cat owner can attest this is real behavior lol. The moment your hands are full with groceries, your cats just beeline through the front door, every time. :laughing:


Except I don’t wanna deal with this in a game. It’s not a cat sim game. I need to use my doors. Not hurry and close them (or trip over a cat or get blocked by a cat).

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I was honestly impressed with… well… how genuinely cat-like the cat behavior and sounds were, lol. They disregard any and all commands, go where they please, howl to be let out, purr when you are nearby, and meow incessantly because they can.


Herding cats is a necessary skill in Conan Exiles. :harold:


Our cats have finally quit paying attention to ingame cats. Jango our rescue male cat flaps his head like that and my glasses prove it when he is being a bully to his sister’s and put him in the bedroom unfortunately squalls like that. Other times actually misbehaving to get into the bedroom and trotts in. Lovable and irritating. Definitely will not be gathering any more in game. Sound could be turned down. The cats act like real ones leading you where you are trying to go. At least these don’t go off every evening wanting canned food so they don’t starve the dry food that is down already doesn’t seem sufficient. Thankfully fed for tonight


I don’t care and still don’t know what this company does haha but this is an AMAZING commercial!!!


I understand the sound was a recording of a real cat brought into the studio and recorded.
But honest to God, that sound is too loud. But the head shaking noise? COME ON… you can’t be serious. That sounds more like a mechanical sound and it is way too loud … unless you have your face next to them when they do it. Still, THAT sounds MECHANICAL and not natural. I know the sound.
The least that sadist can do is turn the volume down to a more tolerable level.
One word of advice to the Sadist:
The next time you want to record the sounds of your cat, DO IT AT HOME WHERE YOUR CAT IS THE MOST FAMILIAR WITH ITS ENVIRONMENT. Then take that recording to the studio for enhancement and any necessary editing. YOU INSENSITIVE ROOKIE.

I know that “meow” sound personally from my own cat whose name was Smokey who sounded that way before he had to be put down. Before that time came, he was quite and peaceful, meowing occasionally as if talking with me. He did purr a lot and often when near me.
But in the final year …
He was in terrible PAIN.
It’s a painful memory I’ll never forget.
He was a cat of 18 years in age who I raised since he was 4 weeks old. He was exclusively an indoor cat; my friend and constant companion who traveled with me where I went in my motorhome for 7 of those years with the first years spent in my last home and his last years in my present home.

For the time being, I’ve broken the bond with the present 4 cats roaming around the bedroom floor. At least that wasn’t painful for them as it was before I had to put Smokey down to end his misery.
I hope my fiancé understands. I have to explain to her why that sound distresses me so.


I love it. I usually play with headphones. If I do play without my cat comes running and also sings the song of his people.

Side note: They don’t offer you anything and take up a companion slot. So if you hate it. Just bring it to someone else.

“Any real cat owner”. Show me one cat that makes this trash noise if it shakes it head lol. An elefant wouldnt make a noise like this.
Further i would like to ask whats going on with archer noises??? I hear them up to 200m away from its actual position (Just mentioning it here even i know THIS WILL NEVER BE FIXED)

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I have a Siamese that often sounds just like the cat in game; sometimes my partner and I have to check to see if it was the cat in our base or our actual cat. The real cat is not in distress anytime he makes this noise (our doors aren’t even closed), he just wanders around and talks to walls.

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We cat’s one is a thief. She will steal anything she can. One is a bully the only male in the house . Well not counting sestus2009. One is the baby and is now learning all of the bad habits from the others . LOL

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I know exactly what you mean. I went through the same situation just nine months ago. It’s an extremely painful experience and that sound is definitely a distressed yowl. I hear it and immediately feel pangs of worry that something is wrong before remembering it’s coming from the speakers and not my cat even though I know she’s gone.

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Oh gods yes. That’s why cats like humans. We love furry things that go ‘Purr’ and we are perfect slaves that offer insa-gratification to their whims. Humans are just larger mice and we have all seen how those are treated :smiley:

ps: Thank the aforementioned deities that the doggies don’t yap - that would be shish-kebab time I fear.

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It’s funny, a patch or two ago the cats used to make a really annoying sound when they groomed. I noticed at one point they took that sound away and added this loud skin flap sound. I was wondering when the base got flooded by a flock of flappy birds.

I’m pretty certain that particular annoying sound you heard when they were grooming themselves …
is that very same noise we make when we drink water.

Do you have any naked male thralls? Could be the wind instead. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: