Dial down the cat volume

The sound effects for cats can be annoyingly loud, particular when they do their “shudder”, it sounds like someone trying to start an old lawnmower. I get a kick out them, and even some of their annoying behaviors (standing in your way, not being willing to follow you, etc.) are very cat-like. But no house cat makes sounds at those volumes unless you’re trying to give them a bath.


Agreed. (SKYRIM STUPID DOG,=NOISY CAT) Even our cats are not that bad

Apparently someone at Funcom actually brought their cat to work and recorded them in the sound room. Which is why it sounds this way. Probably sounds like they were at the vet because of being outside the house.

Probably should have used a Blue Yeti mic and recorded them at home instead. Then just have the sound editors work their magic on top of that.

But yeah its a real cat making real sounds. He’s just not happy.


Yeah I read that.

Wild to me that they took the time to do that, rather than just pay $50 for the rights to some cat sound audio clips. With a worse result.

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