The Cat's Meow and the grooming (swallowing sound)

About those poor felines we’re now able to “domesticate”.
I’m sure at least some of you have had a cat or two in your lifetimes.
If anyone is familiar with them as I have been, you will most certainly recognize
the peticular meow they’re making. It’s the very specific, characteristic meow of a female feline in “heat” and wanting to mate. IOW, it’s their mating call.
Sorry fellas, but I have to object to this and thus leave you this suggestion.

  1. All those cats can’t possibly be female felines and than can’t possibly be all of them in “heat”.
  2. Please be kind to us who knew them and know them.
  3. Please, change that poor feline mating call to something more pleasant.

I couldn’t help but notice a swallowing sound near me. Turns out that very swallowing sound is coming from those very same cats… while they are grooming.
Are you serious?
Cats don’t make that swallowing sound. (Besides, that is our sound when we’re drinking.)
So, please have pity on us and change that sound to something more appropriate or remove it (since we hardly ever hear such a sound coming from any cat while it’s grooming itself.


When I first heard our new kitties meow, the first thing I thought was “wow, that sounds like some very drunk dude in a sound booth doing his best to sound like a cat”.

Wonder if my wife would notice if I kicked them all outside the base? :thinking:


The meows are from a real cat. One of the staffers owns the cat, I was not told which one. The cat’s name is Thrall.


Yeah, it would be nice if they change it to a meow instead of a yowl. In heat cats are annoying.

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While I agree wholeheartedly with changing the sound I can tell you that noise isn’t only attributable to cats in heat.

My (spayed) female is pushing 21 years old and is almost completely deaf now. She started howling as she started losing her hearing. It has become an unfortunate nuisance as we love her dearly. I’ve read cats commonly do this as the louder they are the easier it is to feel the vibrations. Not sure if its true, but she definitely howls.

My wife has twice now gone upstairs to check on Sasha because of Conan.

I initially placed one of each cat in my main base but have since relocated two of the three. I’ve grown tired of the howling and don’t need more of it from my game.

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The swallowing sounds normally a warning of a Giant hair ball or our gluttonous cat ready to expell all the extra food he ate. Fortunately the cats are at my wife’s base in game that is they are annoying.


Conan kitty’s had us and our cats messed up first few days.

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Sounds like me at 9pm

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Had few cats IRL, they mostly won’t meow unless they want something. In game it’s excessive for sure. I guess it’s all about we know we have the cats now, I don’t mind, it’s something new at least.

I always hated that piu piu computer-like sounds from crocodile hatchlings. o.O It seems they removed it though, so saul goodman. :smiley:

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At least they can purr and that’s a somewhat comforting sound.
I would be a liar if I said I didn’t enjoy them.
This one surprised me. I was just relaxing in the water and unbeknownst to me, this one came up behind me and took a seat … in the water.

Side Note:
I wouldn’t mind the swallowing sound so much if you at least had the culprit(s)
chugging on a mug of Catnip Flavored Fermented Milk.
(You know how cats can be when they group up!)

Are you serious???
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …
can’t be…
I can only imagine that sound since I had any cat in the same house as me.
Licking their paws, no !!! But the other parts … yeah and I remember when dogs did it, and they are licking (cleaning or grooming) their nethers. But even their paws, no … not the same sound.
At least we don’t have to watch it and they’re courteous enough to just lick their paws.
I have to ask myself … has it been that long since I had a cat, even a dog?
Cats are notorious at producing hair balls and yeah … I agree with that sound.

That sound though, that meow … can get on the nerves of the best of us … especially when it disrupts our sleep.



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