Immersive Sorcery RP-PvE (Exiled Lands + Isle of Siptah)

Are you new to Conan Exiles or want to start with a new character?

Do you seek an IMMERSIVE experience?

Does the allure of sorcery in the game excite you?

We are a small group of hobbyists that hosts 2 private Playstation Servers (G-Portal). The G-Portal account for the 2 servers have run-time paid well in advance. The servers are live and accessible right now via the in-server menu. The admin is a serious hobbyist that has purchased EVERYTHING in the game via the Playstation Store, including the battle pass (paid through) and all DLC, is at Level 60 and has reached the highest level of sorcery in the game.


On our Exiled Lands PvE server, we have an established digital kingdom which is small but has all of the resources you need for learning and mastering sorcery in the game. On this PvE server, the focus is on sorcery and there is an established story that runs parallel with the Conan lore. There is a “Sorcery Academy” for people that seek a FULLY IMMERSIVE experience in learning and mastering sorcery.

We also have an Isle of Siptah PvE server.

What We Offer:

  • Player Training
  • Combat Training
  • Room and Board
  • Protection
  • Sustenance
  • Powerful Base of Operation
  • Learn and Master Sorcery
  • Assistance With Character Leveling To Level 60 (organic)

What You Get Immediately (Survival Kit):

  • Iron Sword
  • Iron Shield
  • Iron Spear
  • Iron Daggers
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Water
  • Healing Wraps

In the game, on both servers, we have an established Noocratic economy that is immune to inflation. This is an invitation for SERIOUS hobbyists that are looking for what is described above and meet the following qualifications:

  • No Impropriety
  • 21 Years of Age or Older
  • Playstation ONLY
  • Microphone
  • Playstation App

Contact me on the PlayStation Network for more information and screening.


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