Impressed! I want more!

Hello guys,

I just finished the game a couple of minutes ago. I got to know about the game in youtube after a review, I wasn’t attracted by the character aesthetics at first but I started to enjoy afterwards. I have to say I’m so impressed about this game, it came as spontaneous “let’s check it out” to “I just want to leave work and go home finish the game” haha.

I’m Brazilian and I live in Stockholm, and I got to see some Swedish references here and there, I completely missed at the first moment but afterwards it came as super contextual, enjoyable and fun thing to “look for more clues”.

I just wanted to say thanks for the team that put it together, this is an awesome game, I love how the gameplay feels, it’s simple without overcomplicated stuff, the story is catchy and I’m definitely excited for more!

If I had a wish I would ask you to take a look on the camera controls, it was the only thing it got me annoyed somethings, I wish I could turn during battlers or maybe I just didn’t figure out by myself.

I expect other players and media get excited as I got and I wish good success for you!

Thanks and take care!