Improved fish trap 3.0

I tried to place a improved fish trap, but I had no success. It is impossible to hold a build piece at your inventory. When you try to pick up a regular fish trap, you get the materials back. And for the improved fish trap, you need the regular fish trap as one of the materials. I don’t have an idea how to build a improved fish trap now.
Is anyone successful to place an improved fish trap at the testlive client?


I have not tried the improved fish trap in 3.0 but when you use the pick-up on the improved fish trap it should return the regular fish trap to your inventory along with the extra mats for making the improved version. The standing torch does this correctly (returning the hand held torch to your inventory), and if the improved trap isn’t, it’s likely a bug.

I tried many times, and I always got just the materials. Hopefuly it is a bug, and they will fix it for the official 3.0 release.
Thanks for your reply.

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What is the thing with the special fish now? What do they provide?

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FYI, I just checked this and if you use the pick-up option on the improved traps it does return a portion of the mats including the regular fish trap to your inventory. So it appears to be working as intended.

@erjoh, special fish are giving the new buffs, such as +15% strength damage. :wink:

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Many higher quality foods are. Generally any sort of feast, stew, salted or spiced meat had these new buffs

so they fixed the bug? we r able to craft feasts in 3.0? (like lasting feast?)

Yes, lasting feast is back and it gives +45 carry weight as a bonus.

does it keeps thirst and hunger away like it used to be? (+45 is what serpent boots and bearer pack gives-one was +9 encumbrance and the other +6 so one got nerfed for sure)

edit: but glad that they fixed the damn feasts…

now they need to fix the respecing potions bug… i guess one will have to respec a lot to find optimal builds

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I realize this, thank you. I was just answering @erjoh’s question specifically about the fish (after testing to make sure it worked). :wink:

There’s a new feature called “move,” which applies to all place-ables (like curtains, beds, chests, torches, etc). If your intent is to simply move an item a short distance, than no, you will not need to remake it. You get a ghost image of the item and it can be repositioned or moved short distances (into another room). All the item’s inventory remain inside the place-able while moving. OP was specifically asking about the pickup option for Improved Fish Traps, which BTW, does seem a little fishy now (see below). :wink:

  • If you use the pickup option (on any place-able or building piece (afaik)), you get a portion of the construction mats back in your inventory.

  • If you use the dismantle option, you get 100% of the repair cost of the item back. In some cases, the repair mats aren’t even the same mats required to craft the item in the first place. This smells fishy to me, possibly even exploitable, we will have to wait and see.

  • If you enter build mode and delete the (place-able or building) item, you get 100% of the construction cost back. This is obviously the intended method but requires a hammer by equipped.

Any of the above 3 examples would require you to recraft the place-able at whichever bench it requires in order to place another. I suspect this is either an oversight or specifically designed to prevent people from moving their belongings across the map (likely the latter).

What is the point not being able to carry pre-crafted stuff? They should do it to explosive jars, something like you cant carry them for long because they are too instable and have to craft it near your target. But furniture wtf? Now you cant carry a chair or a stool. I will go to fishing and will carry wood and nails, and a hammer, a saw, to craft me a bench to sit. If they are worried about people spamming furniture for pvp pourposes, they should make the char carry the objects literally, instead of putting a sofa on the pocket or the materials to build them.

OP is correct, using “pick up” on fish trap needs to actually pick up the fish trap for Improved Fish Trap crafting to work. But it only returns shaped wood and twine mats, no complete fish trap. Definitely needs a fix if the recipe is to still require a complete fish trap in inventory using the crafting hammer to make the Improved Fish trap. For any who haven’t played Testlive yet though, don’t worry, the new system is bloody BRILLIANT. Not complex at all. So much quicker to build and move containers etc around now.

That’s because you used ‘pick-up’ on a regular fish trap, not improved fish trap. I explained all three options in detail above :point_up_2:(in post 11).

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I Just wanted a fish Rod so i could sit

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Its only stuff that was crafted in your inventory. Things crafted at the artisan bench are still crafted at the artisan bench and placed.

I can concur with OP, there is no way to craft a improved fishtrap with the new build system. When you craft aka place a regular fishtrap, it will not go back into your inventory if you try to pick it up, I tried with all methods in single player 3.0, and there is no way to craft a reg fish trap directly to your inventory. Looks like this was an oversight when developing the new build system.

Honestly they need to seriously rethink how they have it currently implemented. There should be a toggle in the new build menu that lets you craft whatever you want to your inventory instead of only placing into the world. Forcing people into one method is kinda short sighted.

The only workaround I could do was to make myself admin, spawn in a reg fish trap to my inventory, and then I could craft and place the improved fish trap. This also worked for any build piece. I could admin spawn anything to my inventory, build pieces etc etc, even place them in a box, and I was able to add the item to my shortcut wheel (I play with controller on PC) and place into the world.

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The whole point of this post is that an Improved Fish Trap cannot be crafted in the first place. Can’t pick one up if you can’t make one.


hmmm if this indeed a problem when 3.0 hit , ill put out a simple mod that will just increase the cost of one and drop the fish trap from its crafting material and then this can be fix.

But really you are right that if they will be wanting this new system they gotta redo a few recipes to not include placeable or building as a requirement in its recipes.


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