Improved Quality of Life - Show Us Ur Babies!

Greetings, filthy barbarians!

First things first: IQOL has a new home on the Steam Workshop, after a few months of new management, refactoring, and blueprint-related suffering. You can find it here:

If you have used IQOL in the past, you can switch over to the new version without losing any data.

As part of re-introducing the mod to the community, we are having an event in our discord server for players to share their coolest, weirdest, hottest characters with us so we can put together some showcase collages and show off your work to the world wide web vis Steam and social media!

So, here’s how you can help:

:one: Take the hottest, oiliest, most appealing headshots of your characters. By headshots, we mean really focusing on the head and shoulders, for the most detail possible.

:two: Submit ONE (1) screenshot per character to the #showcase-sfw channel (or here in this forum thread). You can show off more than one character, but be reasonable. NOTE: If you post in the Discord server, make sure and tag your image with “SUUB” somewhere in the post.

:three: We will pick a bunch of these to go up on the Steam Workshop, Twitter, the Funcom Forums, etc!

:scroll: THE RULES :scroll:

:small_blue_diamond: All images need to be SFW.

:small_blue_diamond: If content from other mods (such as hair and clothing) isn’t crucial, skip it. But if it’s essential, tell us when you post your images which other mods are pictured so we can correctly attribute. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, DO NOT SKIP IT

:small_blue_diamond: Keep filters (from Ansel, etc.) to a minimum, or off entirely.

:question: OTHER STUFF :question:

If you have some IQOL creations where the whole body is really the interesting part, feel free to show it off (SFW!!!). If we get enough of these, we might do a collage of weird wacky bodies. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box- the worst that will happen is we don’t use your image. No big deal!

For those of you here on the forums, if Discord isn’t your jam, feel free to post your screenshots here and they will be considered! All of the above rules apply, however.

A link to our Discord server:

If you have any questions, come find us in our #discussion channel on Discord, or post it here in this thread! Get to work!