More variety of slave visuals and animations

You should stop working in new locations and work on the NPCs of the game, the slaves are very similar, they are the main spend time for those who play almost 2 years, you should work on actually having a wide variety of NPCs, faces , bodies, ages, height, weight, really relevant, and especially animate the slaves, there is no logic a living being totally immobile only winking, funny that before the launch they had movements, and we could equip with weapons , shields … and I loved to equip the slaves and SEE them equipped there in the castle, take the power to put shield, weapons in an exposed way was a mistake, I love the game and it was always that my biggest questioning and sure to know that there was improvement in the NPCs that could be capitalized would please the active players a lot and would attract a lot of those who do not play anymore, hugs

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Do they read this?

“They” probably read most or even all of it. “They” being the community team. The best or most popular ideas are brought forward into the deep, dark dungeon of FunCom, and only the strongest see the light of day again. Ahem.

Right now FunCom seem to be moving towards being in a “fix the bugs” mode (good call, if so), and new features are mostly on the backburner. There’s also a gigantic backlog of suggestions, most of which will never happen, either because they don’t fit the vision of the game, or they’re too labor (cost) intensive for the gain they provide.

The suggestion to do more with thralls, both in terms of functionality and the more immersion-based ideas are among the more consistently popular ones, and there’s still hope we’ll see something there eventually.

I look forward to the day that the thralls will be a part of the fortresses and not a fixture. And actually do what they are intended for.

I’ll say it again, I just want 2 things with thralls that would shut me up.

let me dress the Crafter thralls, Aka let me place them standing/guard position. Change outfit.
Then slap them on a crafting table. =3
(it be easier to program and code then a 2nd menu, to do it when there on crafting table.)

#2 Would need some work… and alot more work.
Let me use potion or some sort, or magic altar to make NPC/thrall(s). Or quest to save a NPC from tree of woe/Cross in desert that I can adjust the looks to. And have a Follower or Crafter who levels up to tier 4. (via feats menu as I level up)
Or a special crafting table (thats chair and small table) they chill at, that lets me edit them.
So if they die, they return here. Or Maybe go back to tree of woe for another. XD

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Sure, NPCs in the long run is the biggest spend of the game, capturing new, NPCs, collecting them, dressing them … finding NPCs really with relevant visual difference would make the game infinitely inexhaustible, you would always want to capture one different style, discover new NPCs, cute, ugly, short, fat, hairy, hairless, teenager, adult, elderly, they could have various animations like dancers and you would never know what animation that NPC would be running in your castle, these animations there are already, you can see the animated NPCs in the game before they are captured, I hope that Funcom will sculpt this request from the public, sure of all the improvements they could make, that would be the best and most durable in the sense of make the game infinite in terms of gameplay.

And it should also have a DLC of special NPCs, it would certainly be a super easy to do DLC and sure to depend on what they develop especially on NPCs such as horse mounted riders, special dancers, slave food distributors, cleaners. … and other classes not existing NPCs still in the game, will have a great acceptance, I would definitely buy

Most of those exist in the form of mods already. Including a station to change any thrall appearance, stations to animate thralls with emotes to liven up thr place.
It’s a shame console will never see those however.

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