In need of serious help

Game mode: [Online | PvP]
Problem: [Explosives | No Damage |
Region: [Asia]

Hi guys ! I’ve spent the whole day grinding for 6 explosive jars. I blew them up on a enemy base (stone wall) and all 6 of em did nothing. I then checked my server settings , and the server is allowing enemy building damage only from 17h to 23h lol… So okay that was the problem…
Made 4 explosive jars again, went to an enemy base , blew them up, nothing happened again…
So I wasted 10 jars , did nothing, and I’m pissed off and still dont know why it’s not working.
Is 17 to 23 Asia servers time different from mine because I am in Canada?
Really pissed off and would love some help. Thanks


For next time make a repair hammer hit their door with a steel weapon if they sandstone build if 1 hp goes off raid time is on .

Can also check if you can dmg ther Thralls or pets first.

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