Incompetence in the form of Twitch Drops

There are 5 days left for Christmas and the twitch drops that I redeemed for the xbox series s still haven’t appeared (I did everything correctly as per the procedure), I would like to use them in my base but apparently I will only be able to use them for Christmas 2023, that is if a new problem does not appear and erases as it happened with some older players…
Funcom, if you need less incompetent and more pro active programmers and designers for games please let me know, I can get 3 dozen in my college alone

The event runs until January.

But you can withdraw the drops once you meet the requirements. Or do you really think it makes sense to get a Christmas-themed twitch drop in January only?

It’s on PlayStation too, man… in single player you can spawn them in… however, the dog is invisible except for the ribbon collar.

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The poor designer spent 1 month modeling and rendering the zombie dog for the Funcom programmers (who learned from a Youtube tutorial) to make him invisible, very good! =P
At least you got the Christmas wreath with the skull…

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Try relinking your Twitch account and see if you can admin spawn the items in on Single Player

Yeah, and the snowflake. But I play on official, so they’re all but useless for me.

In that case make a Zendesk report before they shutdown for the Holidays. Funcom Zendesk. Com hope you get your Holiday wishes @vfeyth