DROPs, Twitch / PS4 / 5 months and NOTHING

5 months and NOTHING, After this time and two updates, and nothing was resolved, for the TWITCH Drop’s, it was said that it would be resolved, in the updates, but nothing, at this time the console has already undergone two updates, and nothing, I would like to know, if it will be resolved or not, if you are not sincere and tell us, act like honest people, because I will no longer watch anything that involves, toast from you, as attention is only focused on the PC, the consoles are left aside, and we only have something, it’s leftovers; ; ; Please do we say something, or do you listen to those who want to see the characters naked???


Same here. I am litteraly waiting for these fixes because those twitch drops are great edition to the game.

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the worst is that both the Twitch account and the console say that my account is linked and nothing, it seems like a joke

Moving on to update about Twitch’s loot Drop’s, the freebies, appeared for me today, I linked again and it worked here for me, all were cleared for me, hopefully for you guys to release soon too… good luck for you guys.

Wasn’t the Twitch Drop only a 5 day event? I just saw this today. I’d wish they would use the Twitch Drops more often and not just those 5 days in may 2021.

I think they haven’t done another one because the last one had so many problems.
Also, they’ve been focused on other things such as Grave Matters, and the Server Mergers, both of which had significant bumpy spots as well.