Twitch Drops are still unable to Craft or Spawn


After the Patch 2.4.6 the Twitch drops on PlayStation are still unable to Craft or Spawn…

Where is the promised solve for this problem?
Is it comming in the Patch 2.5 or has that been forgotten?

In my opinion
the simplest solution to the problem would be to simply implement the items permanently for everyone in the game on the PlayStation in the next patch.


I logged in tonight but no twitch drops still. Tried both on the exiled lands and siptah.


I also entered both the lands of exile, island of siptah, and offline and nothing; ; ; Have we been deceived. were they empty promises ???


Eu também procurei tanto no exílio quanto em Siptah e ainda não apareceu nada dos drops da Twitch, muito triste isso, porque fica parecendo que nos enganaram e que eles não se importam com a comunidade do PlayStation.

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after the update still nothing, and worse that they don’t tell us anything or return, our questions, it’s sad, but if it continues like this the game will die. . .The worst thing is that nobody tells us anything, nor Ignasi, or any other ADM, we waste time to watch the videos and nothing, it’s been 3 to 5 months, I don’t know, it’s the biggest disregard for me, to a whole community , he just has eyes and passion for the PC people, . . . this is a fact;

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Hey there,

We’re aware of the issue. We’ve tried to also address it post 2.4.6 with a backend fix that did not reliably work for everyone. For Update 2.6, we’ve worked on an overhaul of our internal systems that should finally address this problem and ensure correct functionality in possible future promotions as well, for PlayStation especially, but also for every other platform.

Sorry for the wait!


My friend, thanks for your attention, I believe the problem is the communication between Twitch and PS4.

Bumping thread! This issue should be resolved now as of Update 2.6. If you are still not able to access Twitch drop items, please first try disconnecting your Twitch account, quitting out of the game, logging back in, then reconnect your Twitch account. This seems to have resulted in success for some people reporting issues:

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Managed to get them to work after update, had to refresh the twitch page a few times but works now.


How do I message u in pms I want aload off messages but no reply’s