Infinite loading screen/freeze on hosting Coop PVE

Recently picked up CE shortly after the Age of war update dropped, id been playing solo for a little while and everything seemed to be working fine, a few minor bugs here and there but nothing that was game breaking or difficult to work around.

However, around 2 weeks ago a few of my friends had also picked CE up so we could all jump in on Coop on my world and from there the game just refuses to work, infinite loading screen nearly everytime i try to host, sometimes it will manage to load the world up but immediately freezes upon doing so but doesnt seem to register as an actual crash on my system. have tried creating a new world and hosting which either works for 1 session and then gives us the same loading issues or refuses to work at all.

same issues on my friends sides, seems we just can’t host a coop game?

None of us play on the funcom servers or private servers just trying to host through Coop.

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