Installing Test-Live Client on a different drive

I ran out of room on my C: drive and I have to uninstall the Test-Live Client.

Is there any way to get the install on to another drive while leaving the Live Client on the C: drive?

I already tried moving both to an alternate external hard drive, but the Live Client would continuously crash when I attempted to launch.

I like testing in Test-Live and I have not been able to since the release of Siptah.

Yeah, here’s how.

Step 1: Open Steam settings

Step 2: Go to Downloads section and click on “Steam Library Folders”

Step 3: Click on “Add Library Folder”

Step 4: Create a new folder where you want and select it

Step 5: Select the separate TestLive client in your library

Step 6: Click on “Install” and select the folder you created


Thanks! I have 90 GB available on the C: Drive and it just crashed the install again. I cannot believe that while COMMITTING/VALIDATING during the final part of the install that it completely uses up ALL of the drive space.

That is not the case.

Most of my STEAM games are installed on a removable drive.

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