Interesting Elevator Facts & Questions

Hi folks,

Let’s collect facts and questions:

Vertical elevators

  • up to 32 levels
  • speed: 10 blocks per 30s
  • no need for foundation on the bottom

Horizontal elevator

  • up to 100 blocks range

  • speed: 10 blocks per 10s

  • need any physically object as counterpart

  • goes through enemy territory? Does it land claim? Possible to build 2 towers with an enemy base between? This would hurt any “Unclimbable base”…

  • extends decay time on the other side?

I was unable to get elevators to snap into player claimed land, even though there were no player blocks in the way.

They do snap through generally prohibited build areas though.

See here: Getting singed in the volcano caldera? stay cool with a Thrallmart™ Well of Skelos skybridge! (patent pending)

As for claiming land, I don’t know actually. I fully intended to seek help testing that several times, but as is typical for me, somewhere between starting the game and loading in, I totally forgot what I was supposed to be doing and ended up running in circles around my base whilst chatting to people instead. :smiley:

I’m confident that they block any building within their own geometry (anything necessary for the lift itself to pass through to the end point) at least. Uhm, I guess that’s a given.

I forgot: does the elevator extend the decay time on the other end? That would end in a spider web map full with elevators just to not visit every outpost every 144h.

Its not possible to test that alone, can some team test that? And if it’s in both directions.

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