Inventory, armor n more bugs

Hi! It’s imposible to manage the inventory since the last update. I can’t store the items n I can’t equip the armor for me or my thralls. I hope that u fix it quickly. Thxs

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I am here because i am also suddenly unable to store items in containers. I took a crafting thrall out of a large storage crate, decided i didn’t want to use it and tried to put it back but it will not go back into that crate or any other container. I can swap it for the one that’s already on the bench but then I’m stuck with that one in my inventory. Wth funcom?! There was nothing wrong with the inventory system until this update.

I admin, that funcom broke few earleir fine wroking functions:
-item custom splitting, earlier we have no problem take 1 piece of intem from stack of 1000, now same stack must be split half over and over 9 times to select 1 piece
-take all/deposit all functions was good, but now are more confusing and require more clicking
-i not criticize all, sorting on/off is quite good as item type filter, but sometimes if filters are on things not work proerly, like not able to drag-drop item from chest to inventory, only double click work to pick items
-as for thralls i also have situation that i equip my follower with armor, and after some time i want open inventory to change its behavior and was unable to open again, dozen minutes later it fix itself

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