Dissapearing stuff from boxed and inventory

Hey, I don’t know if somebody report this but I see that the stuff is dissapearing when we put in the inventory or in boxes. I was putting for example some scrolls of the unamed City and I pick up the box whit all them inside and then all the scrolls just dissapears . And for more that one time, I was going to war and my partner gave me is armour and arrows and when he come back and ask me from the stuff I dind t have anything on the inventory. The same think whit weapons and stuff, we manage to farm 3 annihilator, I took 2 from the body of my partner and when I went to play the other one dissapears, and no one took it because we went to see on the event log. Eaven the food I was split my food whit my partner and when I took the food for the inventory from 50 only 3 left … And the glitch that doesn’t let u take the stuff from boxes, or inventory. Since the last patch we try to take the stuff from there and doens t let us. I think that’s more important now to fix it than this limit on thralls

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

well sadly yes the game is still full of bugs but u know the thrall leveling system is something they had to work 2 years on magically and rather release huge game changing updates that will scare away their tiny player base they already have then rather fixing the game they have now

i totally agree with u the limit on thralls was the last thing we needed for this game
its not that being able to lvl ur followers to lvl 20 they will become more intelligent no they will still be the useless brain dead lumps of meat

Scrolls (both lore and recipes ) will disappear if u pick up chest… u need to pick em up one by one… So carefull with this…

But it’s a big right?

Normally yes it is a bug (if u meant bug and not big xd)

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Hello @DBkPanther, thank you for sharing your concerns with us, we’re aware of both the issue with the scrolls and certain inventory transactions and they are being looked into, the latter should have the items show up if you relog.

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