Inventory/Container Sorting Issues?

Game mode: Private Server
Problem: Bug

Since a few days ago, I’ve had issues sorting out the inventory of my containers on my server. This was an issue without steam mods, is an issue with steam mods, and I haven’t changed anything in any .ini that would effect this.

The problem is simple - I choose to sort by name, weight or custom. I exit the container’s inventory. I open it back up, and it has sorted it by 'custom, and a ‘custom’ that I didn’t even set.

It continues to do this over and over, and I haven’t found any resolution to this issue.

Anyone who’s had a similar issue or an answer to this dilemma, I’d be greatly appreciative :slight_smile:


What type of container?

If I set a storage box to Name, every storage box is sorted by name.

If I sort the inventory of a crafting station by Name or Weight, it always resets to custom. I’m not sure how to fix that.

Every container. Vaults, wooden boxes, large chests, even the storage/inventory of the various workbenches. EVERY container besides my own personal inventory is returning back to a very jumbled ‘custom’ setting after I try to set it to weight/name :frowning:

Literally just days ago the sorting function was working as intended regardless of the container, even work benches. Now it isn’t and I don’t recall doing anything to change it

Bump, made an account to see if this post was made. Please chance the message. You can’t see chest containments q.q

This issue bugs the crap out of me. I want all my containers to sort by Name and stay that way!

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All containers on my SP PC PVP will sort the same, I cannot change a particular container to sort by a different sort at all. They all sort the same.