Invincible boss bugs

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: all map


Sorry in advance for the translation, I am French and not very good at English.

I make a post to prevent a bugs encountered for several days.
The bosses have become invincible on the official server pve I play with my clan, this poses a problem for us to recover demon blood, flail stone, skeleton keys and other resources …

The bosses do not lose a life point

this bug was encountered on the following bosses :

  • Giant Crocodile
  • Giant Spider
  • Rhino
  • Scorpion
  • White Tiger

I think this bugs is present on all the bosses on the server I’m playing .
I play on the official 2003 server.

I’ve noticed that something has definately changed with the bosses. They aren’t invincible, but I’m level 60 using Black Ice weapons and I can barely damage them. Before the patch I could take them out at a lower level with only steel weapons in just a minute or so.

I have had this same issue with not just bosses but thralls and players not being visible. I follow my clan mates name tags around then after about a minute or so they pop in. just added information. Seems to have gotten worse since last patch. Plus the render process seems to have gotten worse. Can it be linked to all the bodies laying around in the world having to be rendered while the entire world is rendering in?

Added info I play on Official Server 2506.