Invisible animals and decoration

Since the new update so many of my animals are invisible. Even decoration does not show up sometimes when I placed it. Buildings are loading even slower as before and I get disconnected quiet often when I go to a busy area. This really sucks and I had that issue on the ps4 before but when I got my ps5 there were no problems. Now it starts here too and I am frustrated. Is there any fix or are they working at it? I am already disappointed about the update and now this …


My camel that I placed doesn’t show up (except for the mouth and eyes). Kinda creepy.


Yes it is we put down 2 1 was always eyes and lips :kiss: and we got rid of him.


I cant see any heroic treasures ive founf i. My treasure room ive got two cat statue two lamurian statues an 9 northern chests u can put it down see it placed come back after reset u cant see it check the coffer ledger all in the ledger anyone else have this problem

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My wife was on Exiles map today saw a statue in a pond but she was Naked and Afraid with no base had not been on the server for months no place to carry it to first one I have seen. She was scooting through so fast.

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